photo by Lee Wiren

Process Overview

We design processes that align with your governance objectives to simplify business functions, perpetuate a culture of compliance, and add significant value to your enterprise.

Lean Process

Simplifying Human-data Connections. Data may be inanimate, but it comprises one of the most profound connections we can make in today’s digitized world. It’s why we start with people and enterprise processes, before we introduce technology. The equation must begin and end with the human connection.


Streamlined compliance begins with intelligent strategy, triage, and implementing sound information governance policies, procedures, practices, and technologies, that bring significant and lasting value to an enterprise; providing insight and oversight to information risk, IP, synergy, management, and compliance programs.


Intellectual property can hold valuable synergies during an acquisition or merger. It can also become lost in the fray, where potentially valuable assets evaporate. Our process evaluates current IP governance practices and we evolve current programs to ensure protocols are easily perpetuated throughout the organization.