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Security Controls are essential.  Privacy and Confidentiality is expected.

We provide information security maturity assessments that include internal audit and compliance preparation (certification/attestation) for ISO 27001, SOC 2 Type I & II, SEC, EU-U.S. Privacy Shield, and HIPAA.

We begin by first examining the organizational environment (business objectives, standards, people, processes, and technologies) and then analyze the overall effectiveness. We then help implement effective controls and managing the change process across your organization.

Once we identify and categorize data/information hidden in your servers, we can take definitive and defensible action to manage safeguards for sensitive client information and intellectual property.

As with many quality initiatives, it is difficult to put a monetary figure on the difference that compliance will make; although, from our experience, it is reasonable to anticipate the following major areas of benefit:

  • Significant reduction risk of harm, loss or embarrassment due to information loss.
  • Provides peace of mind to customers, staff, board members, suppliers and other interested parties that their data is secure.
  • Demonstrates that the company takes information security seriously.
  • Internal and external recognition of the quality of the information security controls in place.
  • Provides a framework for the management of information security risks, which means you take into account your legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Year-over-year improvement in the security of the organization’s information assets as a result of the continuous improvement aspects of the standard.
  • A strong move away from reactive security initiatives in favor of proactive security incident reduction.
  • Better alignment of information security controls with the needs of the business, through regular review meetings with interested parties.
  • Better perception and awareness of the information security issues within the user population as a whole.

Conformance with compliance obligations requires the company to invest in the initial assessment, analysis, and implementation of risk controls and the ongoing maintenance of the processes involved. It is well worth the investment! 

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