Compliance Streamlined

Compliance Preparation & Audits
ISO 27001, SOC 2 Type I & II, SEC, FINRA, HIPAA, EU-U.S. Privacy Shield

Vigilant Systems provides internal audit and compliance preparation and audit resources.

Prior to a certification or attestation audit, Vigilant Systems provides the audit preparation work to ensure compliance with the required policies, process controls, and practices for Security, Confidentiality and Privacy, Accessibility, and Data Integrity.

We leave the actual audits to the appropriate Certified Public Accountants (CPA’s) who specialize in the audit and certification of controls to meet the audit requirements. We do however have great partners who complete the audit, and our relationship with those partners provide the best possible outcome when ensuring the proper policies, controls, and practices are in place to safeguard your customer information and your company’s intellectual property.

Data Systems Protection
Security Controls are Essential. Privacy and Confidentiality is expected.

Businesses and individuals critical information is constantly at risk in a world chock-full of predators looking to steal or abuse that information. Security controls in compliance with regulatory requirements is only the first step of achieving a level of information control that helps avoid potentially devastating consequences from losing control of information (yours, the company’s, or the client’s).

If your company collects, uses, discloses or shares personal information, then conforming to the appropriate privacy controls is equally as important. Vigilant Systems is equipped to help achieve compliance and certification in proving these controls for your organization. If your clients aren’t yet demanding this level of compliance, they will.

Most companies will have to deal with an internal investigation at some point.

Internal investigations are an essential part of an Information Governance and Security program. It’s a serious matter when there’s alleged misconduct or violation of company and regulatory compliance rules. It is however, essential that an internal investigation be conducted in such a way as to uncover the truth about misconduct or fraud, without damaging innocent employees.

Internal investigations require careful and discreet planning, fair and consistent execution, careful analysis, sensitivity, and an understanding of the legalities involved. If an enterprise has the correct policies, process, and management of its information management systems in-place, then it should have the authority and the responsibility to conduct internal investigations in order to protect the business and its stakeholders as required. Vigilant Systems is your trusted party for internal investigations.

Defensible Data Destruction
Tightening the relationships among Business, Legal, Records Management, and IT departments improves efficiency through enhanced collaboration.

Most companies are unable to defensibly dispose of information for lack of a defensible, repeatable, transparent, and ongoing manageable process that spans the business, legal, RIM, and IT organizations and lacks a systematic linkage across their processes. Vigilant Systems has the people, process, and technologies to properly and defensibly decide on what data can and should be destroyed and provide the audit trail and reports to demonstrate compliance.

Vigilant instills a culture of compliance into diverse workplaces and agencies by providing intelligent tools tailored to enact positive change for data management.

Policy and Regulatory Analysis
Actionable, Manageable, and Auditable Policies are critical to Regulatory Compliance.

A policy and procedure-based information governance system can help companies lower their data overhead, reduce vulnerability to litigation, and ensure compliance with guidelines and standards that are required within your industry. Ideally, information should be effectively managed throughout its entire life-cycle, from inception to destruction. This includes setting clear data retention policies, as well as addressing long-term preservation requirements.

When information governance policies are well-planned, well-executed, and well-managed, data becomes more visible and accessible to your entire organization, facilitating the next course of action. Vigilant Systems has a 5-step influence framework for Policy Integration that we help infuse into the organizations standard operating procedures. Once the ‘owners’ of the process within the organization are identified and tested, we work to teach them how to integrate policies into their organization and manage their successful integration going forward.