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Information is More Valuable than Gold

Personal information is the single most valuable commodity on Earth, and it's compounding daily!

Our mission is to protect your information.

What We Provide

Inside-out Cybersecurity (IoC)  There are many reasons why cyber-attacks can happen to your business;  inadvertent errors, lack of staff awareness, and security system weakness. Our inside-out approach to cybersecurity is about assessing and resolving issues that could compromise an organization’s ability to keep sensitive information safe... from the inside-out.

Zero Dark Data Day (ZD3)©  'Dark Data' is unstructured, uncategorized, and untapped data/information that is found in various company repositories and has been neglected by business and IT administrators in terms of its value. We remedy this through our methodology and implementation of our ZD3, where you know what you have, who has access to it, how it's being utilized (or not), and what it represents in terms of value and risk.

Business Process Improvement  Great governance underpins successful companies. We bring order to chaos by identifying improvements in day-to-day business processes and ensure the right information is available to the right people, when it's needed. By pinpointing risks and points of failure in the business process, and providing the means to manage those risks, will better prepare your organization for the unexpected.

Business & Regulatory Compliance  We provide ISO 27001, SOC 2, SEC & FINRA, FedRAMP, and HIPAA cybersecurity maturity assessments and compliance gap analysis of your information security management system. We not only prepare you for the audit, we stay engaged until it's completed. The amount of work and red-tape to achieve compliance may seem overwhelming, but these certifications are critical to businesses of all sizes. Once achieved, compliance benchmarks represent a marketable differentiation that our clients use to gain a competitive edge, and add tremendous improvement and resilience value to their business.

Merger & Acquisition Support  Consider your total data/information picture as a story with multiple chapters. We expertly sort all the diverse corporate information to reveal hidden value, risks, synergies, and opportunities. The result is a significant and positive impact to the value of the transaction.

Education and Ongoing Support  Knowledge and understanding are fundamental to the success of any system. Knowing the how's and why's of the system provides a robust platform. We believe that transferring our knowledge to your people, while delivering our services, provides maximum value to your business.

The team at Vigilant is “light years ahead of other people”… their audit preparation has basically “done our work for us.”
— Director and National Practice Leader Professional Services Firm- Cyber Risk Management & Compliance