Lean Business Process

Process & Program Design
Lean Process is the industry standard in designing products and services with inherent value.

In business nothing is more common than change, and more often than not, change is not managed to optimize the benefits of the changes implemented. Organizations are always looking to improve the way they do business, and Vigilant Systems is keenly in-tune with how to effectively analyze, improve, and manage change and process improvements.

Vigilant Systems objective is always geared toward excellence in process while improving and ultimately maintaining efficiency.

Program Management
Aligning the business objectives to ensure Information Governance project goals are met, requires a proven program.

Vigilant Systems helps implement and manage change according to proven methodologies. We oversee the success of the program by grouping related projects together in order to realize organizational benefits not available if they were managed separately. Vigilant is the perfect fit for defining and leading your governance projects, and then transitioning the developed program to organizational resources to oversee those programs long-term.

Litigation Readiness and Response Plan
Planning for litigation is critical to being prepared for future litigation or other legal actions and inquiries. For most organizations, a proactive project of this magnitude is not a focus when dealing with the daily demands of business. Unfortunately, most Litigation readiness planning does not include addressing the enterprises information life-cycle management, and most often, the readiness plan does not include information governance. This omission costs organizations tremendous resources, wasted time, and money when they are hit with litigation or an internal investigation. If information isn’t properly identified, indexed, organized, and managed, the results can be devastating.

Vigilant Systems follows a very specific approach in developing a Litigation Readiness and Response Plan to help your organization put the proper management policies, processes, practices, and controls in place to maintain the protocol and act accordingly when litigation ensues.

Legal Holds & Interviews
Creating the foundation for cost-effective preservation includes effective information governance, training and reinforcement, and a corporate culture of compliance. The best time to prepare for legal holds and the duty to preserve is not when you’re in the middle of an impending response or a crisis. Cost-effective preservation requires action ahead of a response. Best practice includes proactively establishing information governance protocols, establishing a response team, shoring up policies, and training employees to create and build a culture of compliance.

Vigilant Systems helps build your Litigation Preparedness and Response Plans and helps establish Cost-effective Preservation and Best Practices.

Technology-fit Gurus
Augmenting great people and sound process with the right technology, improves efficiency. We happen to do a fantastic job fitting the best tools to maximize efficiency in process and save in costs. We also are especially talented in software product development- we’ve enhanced a lot of the industry software tools our clients work with, tools we use, and tools we sell. Our expertise includes software package selection engagements for any industry, business objective, and requirement.

Our software development prowess includes: Hypothesis Proving, Process, Development Method, Workflow, Usability, Features & Functions, Testing, Use-case Development, and Marketing.