Find & Leverage Data

Maximize Data Investment
Information is your Most Valuable Asset- how it’s managed is critical- Reduce, Reuse, Maximize.

Identifying information that’s valuable to your organization is critical, but once that’s achieved, then what? Making your valuable information work for you, very much like your other investments is paramount to business growth. If there’s value in sharing that information, then it needs to not only be made available, but provided in a nice neat package for the receiver to realize its value.

Typically the availability of data is not the issue; it’s how we can extract valuable information from all that data and make good business decisions from it.

Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures
Here’s how Vigilant Systems maximizes your data investment and helps enhance the value of your MA&D transactions.

  • We first ask the right questions in order to understand the business objectives
  • Then we need to develop the right structure (system) to bring in the data
  • We then create taxonomies (data classifications) that are in alignment with your business objectives
  • Using Business Intelligence tools, we can sift through mountains of information quickly, providing valuable analysis and reports
  • Decision-making tools are used to classify information and segment them into content-addressable storage ‘buckets’ for single-instance storage and fast retrieval
  • Immediately useful information is organized, indexed, and the key information is ‘plucked’ from the data and provided to specified individuals with a link to the original files
  • ‘Hot’ documents are prepared for the Executive Team and/or Senior Management
  • Document requests from previous litigation, mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, and other business ‘events’ are reviewed and readiness organized to quickly and efficiently respond to future requests
  • Information Governance and Management protocols are established to maintain the practices outlined above

Records Management- Data Profiling
Profiling is an important step in determining the disposition and management of Intellectual Property.

Data profiling is an analysis that identifies the structure the data that is stored and of what the data content consists.

Without good data, it doesn’t matter how good the management sponsorship or business-driven motivation is; without proper data, or with too little quality data, any IG implementation will fail. Prior to implementation it is best to complete data profiling.