photo by Joshua Earle

Lookout below- a sampling of 'business treasures' we helped preserve and protect

Cybersecurity Compliance Assessment

Private Equity firm, who is also a registered Investment Adviser; we examined their organizational environment (people, process, and technology) and analyzed the overall security and compliance effectiveness in light of the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission, Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations (OCIE) Cybersecurity Examinations Initiative.

The cybersecurity compliance assessment was paired with network penetration/vulnerability assessments, and a social engineering security testing project - designed to assess the organizations ability to protect customer data/information in conformance with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's cybersecurity preparedness expectations for securities investment companies.

photo by   Ronald Yang

photo by Ronald Yang

e-Discovery IN-HOUSE Process

Financial Services firm, who is also a registered Investment Adviser; we were tasked to develop an in-house document request (3rd-party requests, investigations, litigation, arbitration) response program. They wanted to bring all of their document management from request and preservation through review and delivery... and keep all of it behind their corporate firewall.

We gathered information on current policies, processes, and tools used by the company, their requirements, and the personnel currently managing the existing workflow. We then developed and implemented a discovery protocol that leveraged the appropriate people and standards, processes, documentation, communication, and technologies to provide a manageable, scalable, repeatable, and defensible protocol. 

photo by  Mike Wilson

photo by Mike Wilson

Compliance Certification

Cloud-based Product Road-mapping firm, engaged us to provide ISO 27001 compliance certification readiness services. The engagement objective was to put adequate and proportionate security controls in place to ensure customer data protection and protect sensitive company information/data in order to comply with data protection laws and also to gain customer confidence.

The result of course was  favorable ISO 27001 audit compliance report, seal and certificate of audit examination and compliance with the ISO 27001 guidelines. In fact, Vigilant Systems has a 100% pass rate for all our ISO 27001 audit certification, SOC 2 attestations, and HIPAA compliance engagements.

As part of our acquisition Third Party Advisory Team, Vigilant Systems was invaluable monitoring, analyzing, dissecting, and reporting on valuable social media sentiment for our acquisition.
— Partner Oregon-based Private Equity Firm