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Our focus on Lean Process results in an accountability framework for the creation, storage, use, valuation, archival, and destruction of information assets. We provide scalable solutions that find value and identify risks in your information.

Reliable Data is a Key Ingredient for Business Success
Data is a key ingredient in making good business decisions, but properly managing information for governance, risk, and compliance presents new challenges for business leaders. The obligations associated with these controls are massive; it’s a daunting puzzle. Read More

Simplifying Human-data Connections. Data may be inanimate, but it comprises one of the most profound connections we can make in today’s digitized world. It’s why we start with people and enterprise processes, before we introduce technology. The equation must begin and end with the human connection.

COMPLIANCE Streamlined

We help organizations strategize, triage, and implement sound information governance policies, procedures, practices, and technologies, to bring significant and lasting value to their respective enterprise; this provides insight and oversight to enterprise risk, IP, synergy, data assets management, and compliance programs.

DIGITAL ZEITGEIST- Find & Leverage Data

Intellectual property can hold valuable synergies for a company during an acquisition or merger. It can also become lost in the fray, where potentially valuable assets evaporate. Our process evaluates current IP governance practices and we evolve their efficiencies to ensure protocols are easily perpetuated throughout the organization.


Most organizations simply don’t know what their data contains. This knowledge is a key ingredient in making sound business decisions, but it presents business leaders with the challenge of properly managing their data for governance, risk, and compliance. We specialize in facilitating the steps necessary to help you understand and leverage your data.

Knowledge and Performance Through Experience



Harmonizing people, process, then technology

Divello - the information sciences approach to managing data is adeptly designed to manage your enterprise’s information through its various life stages.

Nuix Sensitive Data Finder - Nuix’s patented parallel processing engine can search virtually unlimited volumes of unstructured data with unmatched speed and forensic precision.

MA&D – Consider your total data picture a story with multiple chapters. With Vigilant Systems, all this diverse data is expertly sorted to reveal hidden value, risks, synergies, and opportunities.

Vigilant Systems In-Place™ – is the highest level of IG and ILM competence an enterprise can attain. This program ensures requirements are met for the 10-key IG/ILM Functional Areas and Annual Verifications are completed.

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Empowering You to make decisions about Your data
Build Tangible Value by- Putting All the Pieces in Place™

Implementing an effective information governance strategy is one of the ways an enterprise can self-insure its valuable data stores. This protects against potential litigation, prepares for a merger or acquisition, streamlines internal investigations, creates effective responses to regulatory compliance and mitigates the costs of ineffective, redundant processes.

At Vigilant Systems we are pioneers in the field of information process management, and we’re the first company of its kind to specialize in Information Process Management with a specific focus on Information Governance and Information Life-cycle management.

We see the task at hand; to engineer user-friendly programs (process, practices, and policies) that align with business objectives and information governance strategies to foster a healthier data environment.

Adopting Vigilant Systems programs facilitates data decision-making. Once data hidden in your servers is identified and categorized, we can take definitive action to manage safeguards for intellectual property and sensitive client information.

    • Business Process Improvement – we improve your business efficiency and profitability
    • Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures – our process and technologies change the transaction value
    • Business Unit Assessments – our systems find assets, liabilities, intellectual property, and synergies
    • Investigations – we enable you to explore and monitor human behavior risks and employee sentiment
    • Predictable Discovery – we expedite try v settle by searching the source, analysis, and evidence capture


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Expertise, professionalism, accessibility and responsiveness of our own team are supplemented by our highly-specialized business partners.
Worldwide provider of information management technologies
Leading provider of U.S., Canadian and international service organization controls examinations
Premier provider of information security, risk management, and regulatory compliance services
Pioneer in cloud-based legal hold notification, compliance processes, and data management tools
Foremost provider of offsite records management and data protection services
“Our partnership approach reinforces our commitment to deliver real and significant value to our customers.” Peter vR Sternkopf – Vigilant Systems, President/CEO
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Use/Case Studies


Finding the nugget of Critical Data out of a Massive Datastore- a story about finding 1 out of 3 Billion cans of beans.
Why Beans? The can of beans represents a single email and its attachments. When we’re talking about Terabytes of data, we tend to lose perspective on how big a problem these files can be, and how difficult it is to find what you’re looking for.

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Finding the Digital Elephant in the Room- a story about digital investigation, told using an elephant.
With traditional digital forensic investigation tools, you can never see the bigger picture –only the individual parts. It's a bit like the ancient parable from Asia about six blindfolded men and an elephant. But there is a better way.

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